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What my clients are saying  

Mansfield Realtors LLC was wonderful! Charles Mansfield was readily available for all questions, and concerns. He was extremely knowledgeable about the business of real estate, which helped guide us through the selling and buying process. He readily accompanied us for tours, walk throughs, and closings. I would definitely recommend him to others and work with him if I have future real estate needs.


~ Mr. & Mrs. Lassiters

OMG...I love Mansfield Realtors LLC...Mansfield Realtors is the real GOAT...this is my second rodeo with home buying...the most recent time, I sold on Wednesday and purchased on Friday...I love how Mansfield Realtors heard me when I said what I wanted. Ms. Bunting


~ Ms. Bunting

Our first home was purchased in 2010 with Mansfield Realtors LLC. The high level of professionalism was so comforting for first time home buyers that we decided to use Mansfield Realtors again to sell and purchase in 2023. In addition, we referred two of our friends to them, they also purchased homes as well. We admire the dedication, honesty and the way he prioritize our needs. His wealth of knowledge allowed us to target and secure our dream home. The best realtor in the DMV who is authentic and supportive in the business


~ Alvin & Naisha

I am an investors who invests in the DMV from out of state. Without hesitation, the Mansfield team assisted me when I could not make it into town to handle issues that needed immediate attention. One property that had an issue with the neighbor, they researched the issue and it was finally resolved. They go above and beyond their duties.


~ Mr. AKA Investor

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